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Flipping Turner Spatula

Flipping Turner Spatula

1. Perfect for flipping longer foods like omelettes and fish filets.
2. Heat resistant to 600°F/315°C.
3. Silicone bonded to flexible stainless steel.
4. Safe for non-stick cookware.
5. Dishwasher safe.


Flipping Turner Spatula

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Production introduction:

1. Perfect for flipping longer foods like omelettes and fish filets

2. Heat resistant to 600°F/315°C

3. Silicone bonded to flexible stainless steel

4. Safe for non-stick cookware

5. Dishwasher safe



1. Item ref: MLB-LVB-029

2.Certification:FDA, LFGB, CE/EU, ROHS and SGS

3.Color: black or can be customized when your order quantity more than 3000pcs

4.Product size:35*10.2cm


6.Material: silicone, stainless steel, ABS

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Q: Is this non-flexible or solid enough to separate frozen hamburger in the pan while it is cooking?

A: Yes, it does that quite well. It's flexible.

Q: Is it beveled enough to slide under food easily?

A: Yes,Very beveled, almost sharp to the touch. I've never had a problem sliding it under anything. It's my favorite spatula.

Q: The spatula blade is safe for non-stick surfaces; but how "non-stick" is the silicone blade itself? Does frying egg white stick to it?

A: Fried eggs and scrambled eggs didn't stick to it when I cooked. I haven't cooked pure egg whites yet using it, but figure the results would be the same - no sticking.

Q: Is the handle made of silicone as well?

A: Yes, the handles are silicone

Flipping Turner Spatula.png

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