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How long should kitchen utensils be replaced
Oct 08, 2018

Some of the most common items in our lives need to be replaced every once in a while. Although it will increase our financial expenses, it is also necessary. After all, problems with health risks cannot be kept.

Plastic products change every year.Plastic is portable and not easily broken, it can be seen everywhere on the table.But once they are beyond service, they are likely to become brittle and aging, and harmful small molecules can easily separate out and become cancer risk molecules.If you discover plastic tableware is scratched, original smooth surface becomes rough, or have pungent "plastic flavour", so even if use less than a year, also should replace in time.

Metal product coating shall be replaced if damaged.Many people think metal products are safe to use for life, but they are not.Taking the most common iron pan as an example, once its non-rusting "oil layer" on the surface of the iron pot falls off, the rust in the pot can easily cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and poor appetite.

Enamel products are prone to cracks, coated in enamel products, such as aluminum silicate, will be transferred to the food.Stainless steel is made from iron-chromium alloy mixed with metals such as nickel and molybdenum, which also have harmful ingredients.So, when the kitchen utensils made of metal appear scratch, surface paint or coating off phenomenon, should be replaced in time.

Change ceramics if they have cracks.The beautiful enamels of porcelain contain lead, which, when cracked, can spill over into food.Accordingly, had the ceramic tableware of crack to should not continue to use.The service life of tableware and maintain inseparable.To pottery and porcelain, metal wait for eat hutch appliance, we can extend its use life through careful maintenance, however once appeared the phenomenon such as rupture, be out of shape, off porcelain also should change in time, do not for temporarily "save", white "waste" drop precious life.

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