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Notice for use of stainless steel kitchen utensils and appliances
Sep 28, 2018

Notes for use of stainless steel kitchen utensils and appliances:

The heat conduction coefficient of stainless steel is small, the bottom radiates slowly, the temperature is easy to concentrate, so the fire power when using stainless steel kitchenware should not be too big, should make the bottom heating surface as far as possible wide and even, can save fuel already so again can avoid food of boiler bottom scorch.

If there is food sticking on the bottom of the pot burning, can be soaked with water soft after gently scraping with bamboo, wood chips, without sharp tools such as kitchen knives scraping;After washing, it is used to wipe soft cloth and put in dry place after drying.

Set.11 kitchen utensils should avoid collision with sharp objects to avoid scratches and dents, which will affect the appearance and sealing performance

Be in after using period of time, stainless steel surface can rise a mist shape, make kitchen appliance surface hair dark.At this time can be used soft cloth on cleaning powder or cleaning essence cleaning, that can restore light.This method can also be used if the exterior surface is blackened by smoke.

Do not let water stains on the bottom of stainless steel POTS at all times.Especially when used in coal ball furnace, because coal ball contains sulfur, burning will produce sulfur dioxide and sulfur trioxide. When it encounters water, it will produce sulfuric acid and sulfuric acid, which will corrode the bottom of the pot.

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