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There are four major taboos in the use of kitchen utensils
Sep 28, 2018

1. Don't serve food in aluminum POTS for a long time

Aluminum is very reactive and oxidizes easily in the air to form a thin film of alumina.Alumina film is insoluble in water but soluble in acidic or alkaline solutions.Salt also destroys alumina.If the soup and vegetables are kept in aluminum containers for a long time, not only will the aluminum products be destroyed, but more aluminum molecules will be dissolved in the soup.These aluminum molecules and foods undergo chemical changes to produce aluminum compounds.Long-term consumption of foods containing large amounts of aluminum and aluminum compounds will damage the normal proportion of calcium and phosphorus in the human body, affect the growth, development and metabolism of human bones and teeth, as well as affect the activity of certain digestive enzymes and weaken the digestive function of the stomach.Therefore, aluminum pot bogey long dish.It's also best not to use an aluminum pan to fry vegetables or to cook soup.

2. Don't drink acidic beverages in metal containers

When acid drinks are in contact with metal containers (iron, aluminum, copper, etc.), a chemical reaction will occur to dissolve the metal in the beverage.Once drink this kind of beverage, can cause chemical sex food to be poisoned, appear headache, disgusting, diarrhoea wait for a symptom, and the beverage such as citric water, orange water, sour plum soup is very high acidity.Therefore, metal containers do not contain acidic beverages.

3. Don't take grease in plastic utensils

Plastic utensils bogey keep food too long, wash and put it immediately after each use.Avoid fat.Because the soft plastic food is poor in oil resistance, easy to oil pollution.Avoid fresh fish.Due to the strong absorption characteristics of soft plastic food, it is difficult to remove the fishy taste after putting fresh fish.Avoid water in full bloom.Soft plastic food is not resistant to high temperature shortcomings, bogey installed with boiling water or hot water bubble.

4. Do not use enamel products to cook food

Enamel products of all kinds are made by enameling the exterior of iron products with enamel.Enamel contains lead, which is harmful to human health.To be safe, it is best not to use enamel products for cooking, nor to use it for serving acidic foods.Because enamel products are coated with glaze, its main composition is a variety of metal salts, such as yellow, bright red glaze is cadmium and lead compounds, and lead and cadmium are toxic.Use colorful enamel products containing acid food, lead and cadmium and other toxic substances will dissolve into the food and cause chronic poisoning.

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