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Why Peeler ?
Nov 23, 2018

Why Peeler ?

By sarah 20181128 sunny 

A potato peeler, which is particularly suitable for peeling irregularly shaped potatoes, radishes, melons and the like. The column with the ejector pin and the cutter mechanism is connected with the cover plate, and is fixed on the bottom cover and the base with the fork shaft. The gear rod is inserted into the column and the gear of the fork shaft end is formed by the intermediate gear and the end rod of the transmission rod. The transmission device further includes a cutting knife on the base, the fork shaft has a corresponding and spaced pin in addition to the pin in the middle; the cutter head seat is flat on one side and the inclined surface on one side; the cutter head and the blade with the blade The rack is peeled against the surface of the potato under the action of the cutter mechanism, which has good peeling effect, complete functions, convenient use, time saving and labor saving, and is suitable for families, restaurants and hotels.

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